Negative energy removal, purification by light, emotional cord cutting, good wish casting with Mary

Trifecta Energy Clearing $150/1hr. with Mary (By Appointment Only)

Emotional Cord Cutting

Have you ever felt drained just from being around someone? Have you ever been angry about a situation that happened
months or even years ago? Then you know what it feels like to be corded in with a person or an incident. Cords form energetic links between you and another person. They allow your energy to flow from you to someone else.

Negative Energy Removal

It clears Negative Energy, allowing you to control your life more. Thoughts are things, and other people’s thoughts about you can affect your life for better or worse. These negative energies directed at you can result in interferences in your life that can slow you down or make you feel like things are stacked against you. In this simple but powerful process, all negative energies are reversed, cleared, and sent back to where they came from to be used by the light.

Purification By Light

This session clears away any debris or unwanted energies in your aura. In this session, you will receive a download of beautiful energy,
clearing out negative energies attached to us as we go about our daily lives. These foreign energies cause emotional pain and disconnection and decrease our ability to function. This clearing leaves you with a refreshing feeling of lightness and peacefulness.

Bonus: Good Spell “Wish” Casting

Make a wish. This can be helpful for those who need a bit of extra help with certain aspects of life, such as love, finances, friendship, and more. It is a powerful technique to boost one’s natural magnetism, an innate ability that all humans possess. Sometimes, we need a boost!